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Thurs Feb 1st

Day 1: Your Unique Purpose & Calling

Embark on a journey of deeper discovery as we delve into the core of your being. Uncover the unique tapestry of your purpose, calling, and identity. Join us for a day where you'll unveil the roadmap to your true self so you can fulfil your longing for a purpose-driven life.

Fri Feb 2nd

Day 2: Unwrap Your Gifts & Embrace Your Potential

Ignite your inner spark as we explore the extraordinary gifts that make you exceptional. Day 2 is all about unlocking the door to your full potential and understanding how your gifts shape your purpose. Here we align your purpose and calling with your giftings.

Sat Feb 3rd

Day 3: Align Your Resources & Embrace Wealth-Mindset

Discover the power of aligning your resources and cultivating a wealth mindset. Elevate from feeling significant to unlocking true success. Learn the art of managing resources - it's time to transcend boundaries and embrace a future filled with purpose and prosperity.
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