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With the right mindset and strategy, everybody – and anybody – can live a life that is financially independent and free. Let me show you how.

Are you ready to begin your journey to Financial Independence?

For decades I served elite CEO's, financial advisors & 7-figure Entrepreneurs to build their wealth... then in 2020 God intervened...

I’m on a mission to reveal the success path to financial freedom for those who are seeking to leave behind a legacy, no matter what their financial background or age might be. 

With my battle tested roadmap to Prosperity “P727”, I’ve taken countless individuals through 7 Stages to 7 Digits. Let me reveal the journey to financial independence to you too – and open up your eyes to a life that you thought could never be possible! Welcome to the P727 Movement! 

If you think life has disqualified you...

Female, divorced or widowed?

Working from home but failing to bring in consistent income?

No assets, no investments, no financial plan?

Formally educated but clueless when it comes to money?

Recently experienced a significant life change that has taken you down an unexpected path?

...I'm here to tell you what's still possible!

Does financial independence feel out of reach?

Don't just believe me... when I say it's not...

Of all the [mentors] I have had the pleasure of working with, none have had the impact on my life and career that Donald has. Anyone having the opportunity to work with Donald will be a better individual for it.
Donald has worked with me to open my mind to personal financial opportunities. We have spent many hours discussing creative methods of growing a real estate portfolio which combines both short and long term goals to financial freedom and wealth accumulation. I only wish that I had met him sooner and acted quicker. He continues to mentor a growing group of people focusing on individual strategies tailored to their overall needs and goals. Donald's guidance and insight as well as intense care for the people he works with creates very long days for him with limited sleep but, he is always very positive and upbeat. You can tell that he sincerely enjoys helping other people see opportunities to get out of the rat race and build and execute a healthy financial plan. He is an intensely knowledgeable coach - I recommend everyone to tap into his intelligence and let him help you become financially comfortable and wealthy in the years to come.
Donald has been inspirational to my personal finance "game plan" since the 1990's. I consider him my most trusted mentor. He opened my eyes to the fact that anyone can author their financial destiny through goal setting, developing strategies, and execution. He is living proof that it is possible to dream big and achieve success while staying true to his overarching dedication to philanthropy. The wealth of information, advice, and inspiration he has returned to his clients and circle of influence is immeasurable.
I would highly recommend anybody to have at least a five minute conversation to have the chance to hear [Donald's] strategies and knowledge on various topics and you will be a believer.
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Donald's Story

Donald is the founder of the P727 Movement. He has been doing monthly “Challenges” online since December 2020, covering various topics in Career, Personal Finance, and Investment Strategies. 

He started his career facilitating Corporate training classes for managers in a Fortune 50 company in 1992 and then developed Training Programs and Curriculums in other companies. He has worked with various universities in the US to create collaborative programs for career development and personal development in preparation for advanced leadership and Executive roles. 

Donald retired from the “Rat Race” at 40 years old, a goal he set to accomplish when he was 27 years old! He is now committed to serving more people through the vast reach of the internet. His heart is in serving people, by training in the practical applications of Career Path Development, Personal Finance, and Investment Strategies.

With the right resources and the right people around you at the right time, you too can live a FULFILLED LIFE of significance, abundance and prosperity! 

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Awards & Achievements

Mentorship Programs

I have an extensive range of mentorship and coaching programs where you can access me 1-2-1 individually or in a group setting. Ranging from FREE in person trainings to my elite $40K programs, my mission is to enable a person from any background and situation, to take their next steps to financial freedom in a way that is ethical and faith honouring.

Mentorship Mastermind

My elite Mastermind Program is where I have the privilege of working extensively with a cherry-picked selection of clients. Traditionally serving 7-figure men but now available to money-novice individuals who are seeking to build legacy in the mature seasons of their lives. Waiting list here is 3-5 years and please note that not everybody who applies will be accepted.

1-2-1 Consultation Calls

Book a 1-2-1 consultation with me for expediated breakthrough and insights that are tailored to your unique situation and circumstance. My typical hourly rate here is $1000/hour. Ideal for clients who are moving pass the 7 figure mark into multiple 7-figures.

Annual Investor-In-Training Membership

By application only. This is the program where every-day investors are birthed. A pre-requisite is that members have already completed the P727 Membership Program on Financial Stewardship & Accountability. 

P727 6-Month Membership on Financial Stewardship & Accountability

Only accessible through one of our online Challenge Events – stay connect to me as we go on a journey where you can get YOUR questions answered. Forget getting financially educated and instead become financially literate where knowledge is effectively applied!

Courses & Short-Term Programs

Learn specific strategies on “The Journey” from zero to 7-figures, or “The Blueprint” for building your real estate portfolio with the goal of generating your very own  $100K payday. Ideal for novices looking to jump-start their wealth-building adventure. Accessible only through one of our online Challenge Events.

FREE Online Challenge Event

Reserve a place on one of my high-touch point, but FREE, 5-day Challenge. These are social learning events where we can demystify the financial realm and build vision for what is truly possible with the right approach. We don’t believe in get rich quick strategies, but with a personal track record of creating millionaires from scratch in as little as three years – what if you could invest just one hour of your time over the course of 5 days and learn the secret to changing your financial life and legacy forever? No financial background needed. No financial jargon presented. Just the truth in how money management and growth really works.

1-2-1 Consults
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What you’ll be able to do under my mentorship

Make your money grow money

Manage Cashflow

Create a financial plan

Steward resources

Finance creatively

Learn the Money Ladder

Step into real estate

Navigate debt

Be self-sufficient

Build to 7 figures

Create legacy


Mentally shifting from how the majority of the population think about money.


Mapping out next steps following the battle tested seven step P727 process.

Take Action

Accountability & empowerment to do what's needed and put faith into action.

Get Results

Relax. With the right strategy, plan and action, the results will ALWAYS follow.

You need to take action to make it happen

The Journey to 7 Digits is more than just the money...

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Re-envisioning Financial Stewardship

Join the P727 Movement through my online membership program! We believe that Financial Independence is NOT about the money… it’s about having CHOICES in life.

By invitation only through one of our online Challenge Events. In my membership program you can expect:

I am on a mission to IMPACT LIVES! I want to impact YOUR LIFE! I want to change the course of your future! I believe that YOU are "Called" for a specific purpose in your life.

Donald J. Dy

Impacting & Connecting with World-wide Influencers

From multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, financial experts, kingdom influencers and pioneering leaders, our mission is to serve those who have kind hearts and big dreams. No matter how humble your starting point might be – we’ve got your place saved…

Donald & Pedro Adao
Donald with Kingdom Influencers
Donald with pioneering business leaders
Donald with Impact Makers

Let's Connect

If you would like to learn more about becoming financially independent no matter how limited your present finances are, do get in touch to learn more. A member of my team will be in touch ASAP!

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